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"Mockingbird Yoga, where everybody knows your name" 

Notice to Our Community

Effective Monday March 16th, 2020

We have, at the mandate of the Governor, decided to close our doors until the

COVID-19 pandemic stabilizes and we can operate safely for our staff and our community.


We are offering ON LINE classes that you can access through the Mindbody app or our website.  Your class packages and series can be used for these online classes. 

We have teachers from many different cities making offerings.

We know times are difficult and we want to have Mockingbird be around for a long time.  We also want to support our teachers financially.

Please join us for classes.

You may email me personally at

if you have any questions or want to take classes and financially it is not possible.


We are thinking of you and you are in our hearts. 

We will see you again soon, be safe, stay home and all love.


steffany & ariel

About Us
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ariel julian rodriguez

  Featured Teacher July

Why Yoga? 

At the end of a typical workday, I have spent 8 hours working my body into a tight knot. I am not a contortionist; I am a dentist. My work posture requires that I lean forward and down, perpetually. I found Yoga because my back needed something desperately to restore and rehabilitate from the trauma of having a demanding work life. Yoga returns my spine to normal, so that each morning I can wake up renewed.


What moved you to be a teacher?

At first, I wanted to deepen my practice. This led me to seeking workshops and immersions. Before I knew it, I realized that teaching gave me an access to understanding that study and practice did not. When I started teaching, I found a clarity in my practice that propelled my yoga to a different level. I love sharing that with people.


What was the most difficult hurdle  to overcome in becoming the teacher you are?

Ego. As a teacher, I put myself in front of eyes to judge and evaluate, which is something I generally strive to avoid. It seemed a little antithetical to take a position that is open for public scrutiny when I mostly consider myself to be introverted, by default. As I explored teaching, I realized that the teacher is more of a vehicle for the yoga and less a celebrity of it. In life, we have so many opportunities to be judged and evaluated; in yoga, we have the opportunity to relinquish it. 


What is something we don’t know about you?

I am afraid of heights and have had a panic attack or two, over the years. I am terribly uncoordinated, which adds to my fear of falling from precipices. 


What is your greatest joy?

A super good book, a super comfy chair, and a purring cat. All at the same time...


Do you have a vision for your students?

 Alignment, strength, longevity, and confidence. I want students to leave class with a renewed faith in the power and beauty of their bodies and their capacities. 


What is your word for the year?

Expelliarmus. It's high time we dispel the things that bring us unnecessary grief and attract the things that bring love and light.

Empowered Feminine

Contact Us

Mockingbird Yoga
4777 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
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